Process and Develpment

The process that I had to go through was to get an idea and research it then change the idea if it needed to be changed.  I then  had to make the video.

Example of process/development-

My idea is to find the biggest spectacles throughout the course of history and make a compilation using what I find.

Develops into different idea-

I have decided to change my original idea into a simpler one that hopefully will be understandable to everyone.  I have decided to use wrestling as example for my spectacle piece.


So no instead of finding the biggest spectacles and making a compilation, the idea has changed to just looking at one spectacle and concentrating on what makes it a spectacle.

The Process is linked hand in hand to the development as the idea has changed it has also developed into something new.  The research that has been done also affects the outcome of the viability of the idea and how the research is implemented is strongly connected to the well being of the project.

Sources of inspiration-

The link above shows the crowds that come to watch and how they feel.

This link above show that the spectacle has grown beyond the TV and has enterd your homes via gaming consoles.


I was influenced to do this idea by one of Will Barton’s lessons, where he talked about spectacle as something that made you look and engaged you emotionally and one of the examples he gave was wrestling.  It was a part of the Olympics and now its is something which is huge and everybody enjoys.  We all know its fake but we want to believe that it is real, that some where people can really do stuff like that.   In that little world we are sold the dream so much that it becomes a sort of reality and when that happens no body wants to wake up because compared to the dream reality is dull.

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