These are my examples of the research that I had to do as part of my project.

A new study suggests that marketers shouldn’t fixate on the number of people who click on ads. According to the research, just seeing an ad on a Web page can impact memory.

this was for my memory project.

“Vienna welcomes MotoGP spectacle

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Riders from all three classes of the World Championship displayed their bikes to fans in the Austrian capital, as bike enthusiasts turned out in force to catch a glimpse of their heroes.”

The article is a different sort of spectacle as it is a huge event which thousands have come to watch, allot of money and time has gone into making this a spectacle, something for people to watch and enjoy. Most of it has to get there attention, make them want to look, tempt them.

As you have noticed this is a example of my research for my spectacle piece.

The above link is for a website that has many speeches and famous quotes from movies and renouned political figures, whether they be from this country or the next.  These things are powerful because in the time they made a change, so that we could have the life we have today.

This is an example of my research towards my power piece.

The link above shows you how much the average voter has in the area of Hall Green.  The vote is important as it gives the public a chance to choose who they would like in power, but what is the average vote worth?

The average UK voter has 1.54x more voting power than voters in Birmingham Hall Green.”

This website show you power throughout the ages by highlighting historic figures and what they did to gain power and how they retained it.  It also shows how the use of power these figures is related to ones status in the world.  It also gives you an insight in the forms that power takes in modern times compared the leaders and politicians of old.

This shows the most powerful women in history, whether it be power that comes from wealth or the type one has earnt through politics and hard work.

The meaning of the work I have produced for this project was to show the affects of power, memory and spectacle.  It showed the nasty side of power as that is the bit that gets showed through the media, people been made to do things, the horrors of warfare used as propaganda to support the troops.  Also it ties in with spectacle as people cant help but look because of the content that is shocking and stuns them as they sometimes cannot believe what they are seeing.  Both of them make up the memory as the power is needed to make sure specific parts are remembered and force out the details which could be dangerous, the spectacle that makes people watch imprints itself onto the mind of the viewer giving them a a talking point, so they can talk to other about it.

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